Diva to Diva

Darlene the Dialysis Diva

Hello Dialysis Divas and Dialysis Dudes! I’m Darlene and welcome to our site.

What can I say–I’m a little eclectic! I try to keep it real, which can sometimes get me in a lot of trouble. LOL! I’m interested in a lot of things–music, literature, conversation, cooking, writing, beauty, and computers. I am a dialysis veteran with nearly 17 years strong and I look forward to living as long as God blesses me to do so.

This blog is a place for women on dialysis, and those who love them, to help make the transition from dialysis patient to dialysis DIVA! Follow what’s happening to this Dialysis Diva as I travel life’s journey. Being on Dialysis does not make you any less than a woman. We are going to obliterate society’s standards of real beauty and real fashion. Here, we’ll talk clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, purses, sex, and, of course, dialysis!

Here, I hope to encourage you, my fellow dialysis patients by bringing you information which will enhance your life. Choose to live and not just exist. To contact me please email dialysisdivas@yahoo.com


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